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Agentless microsegmentation

 and ZTNA for Retail IT/OT

Tillys Store Front

We went from the first meeting, to becoming a customer, to microsegmenting our entire footprint in just under a week. 
That is unheard of.”

Guido Solares​
Director, Information
Security & Compliance, Tillys

  • Reduced attack surface​

  • ZTNA for hybrid workforce and partners​

  • Ransomware Kill Switch™ for granular lock down

100% of corporate endpoints across data centers, Corporate HQs, and retail stores segmented and protected from lateral threats.

Segmentation Workshop (1)

Reduce Attack Surface by 90%

As retailers transform to smart systems, the sophistication of cyberattacks rises. The Airgap Zero Trust platform delivers the agentless segmentation, ZTNA, and Ransomware Kill Switch™ retailers need for mixed IT, OT, and IoT environments.

Unified Zero Trust Microsegmentation and ZTNA

Agentless Microsegmentation
Shrink attack surface to a network of “1”

SSO/MFA for high value assets and campus equipment​

Ransomware Kill Switch
Detect and lock down suspect traffic for any endpoint​

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